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From Mess to Order | Practical Closet Organizing Tips:

 For countless days, I dreaded opening my closet every morning to find one complete outfit out of the messy cupboard that could be everything but a solution to my clothing needs. Most of the times, either clothes themselves fell out to give me an unexpected hug or I had to pull them out. I did with it as long as I could but then one day I realized it’s time - time to make my closet work for me instead of it to be other way round.

Today, I’m going to share some practical closet organizing tips, to turn your closet into your very own boutique.
“I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans”. - Cameron Diaz
I never knew what I had been sacredly holding on to in my closet until I put everything out. I have talked about strategy of ready, steady and dump before as a first step to organize purse. Literally, unless you go through this painful process of unloading your entire closet, you can’t determine what you need to keep and what is just a piece of junk, claiming your closet’s space. 
After this little scary exercise, your clothes should get divided into three piles: to keep, to donate and to just toss. After starting fresh, you should be left with only those clothes that dignify your personality. You’ll be fairly familiar by now as to what kind of adjustment your closet requires. Adding adjustable shelves dividers, installing more hanging rods and buying some sturdy hangers are some of the things that you need to consider.  
“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”.
The more clothes you hang, the more you are able to see. Out of sight, Out of mind is one thing that always stands true for me. Unless clothes are hanging as an outfit, I’m hard to call back when there is a need. I definitely find it easier to deal with hanged clothes than the folded ones. No matter, how nicely I treat them, folded clothes get chaotic.
Just a couple of quick tips:
o   In order to make your closet work for you, try to stick to only one type of hangers as it brings symmetry to the closet and visually everything looks pleasing and part of a big piece of puzzle.

o   If one rod is not enough to hang all of your clothes, try doubling your hanging space by installing another rod if your closet is deep enough. Had my closet allowed me, I would have definitely done that to hang jeans and other stuff.
“I don’t have too much clothes – I just don’t have enough closets”.
I never knew how big my closet was unless I thought creatively to utilize every inch of the closet. And here, I am talking about wall space, doors space, sides and bottom of the closet.

Trust me; just by utilizing all sides of closest you can double the storage space. Personally, I like to repurpose items that are otherwise designed for something else. Not only, it saves me money but also I feel more creative.

Just a couple of quick tips:
o   Install towel bars to hang all your scarves in a tangled-free way.

o   Use over the door pocket organizers to nicely hold folded socks, ties, belts, and or any other smaller item that otherwise feels lost in your closet.

o   No matter how tempted you might be, try storing your shoes out of your main closets. And if you still don’t want those pairs out, store them in clear plastic containers. You can find many practical shoe organizing ideas here.

o   In drawers, stack folded items vertically. This way, you’ll not only be able to see everything at once but also it will increase your drawer’s space.
At the start of every season, I show my closet little more love and for the rest of the season it loves me back. I am totally against stuffing the closet full with clothes as closet seems smaller and also becomes hard to maintain. At the end of every season, nicely fold those season’s clothes in plastic tackle boxes to give more breathing space to new season’s clothes. These tackle boxes can either be stored at the top shelve of closet (Out of reach) or at the bottom of the closet. I personally like to keep them stored under my bed – that way I can make room for my purses.
Just a little quick tip:
o   Make sure to fold clean clothes. Also, it’s the perfect time to purge all items that are beyond repair or you don’t feel like wearing any more.
Mornings are busy! But sparing merely 5 minutes for your closet before going to bed is enough to keep your boutique in order.
These are some of the tips that I found practical to keep my closet organized. How do you keep your closet organized? I would love to hear any tip or trick that you would like to share.
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  1. Loved every tip! Really need to act upon em. Pictures so perfectly describe my condition :D


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