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Having spent my life at somewhat fast track than a normal Asian, I, after one year of professional experience, earned my Master’s degree in Finance from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) when I was merely 22 years old.

I spotted my passion for “numbers” long time back when staying buried in numbers, analyzing them, and concluding them to highlight patterns like nobody else could started giving me tremendous satisfaction. And, as a result, I started working for a Fertilizer Company as a budgeting & reporting officer. One could safely assume that every day I play with numbers to forecast, project and report financial outlook.

The organized side of the picture got colors when I was yet to organize anything on my own. I could never have enough hours to see all the goodness of organizing world. A seed, that according to many was supposed to perish with time, grew to become a full-grown tree. Every weekend, I started spending my time beautifying drawers, embellishing cabinets, changing the seating arrangement (yet another time) and working with tackle boxes, glues, wrapping paper, flowery fabrics, and labels. Each finished project worked as a fuel for another one and I never stopped.

In Pakistan, people are more obsessed with “cleaning” and not “organizing” for they believe a clean home is the end of the tunnel. But for me, it was just the start. Countless years, I experienced the wonders of organizing a space and not just arranging items for a cleaner look. Craving to opt it as my professional career got amplified to an extent where whacking it or shrouding it became impossible. Then, my brother recommended me to start a blog where I could appreciate the organizing every day without any break. This is the place, where I could inspire and get inspired. I am still an apprentice in this field and will always be as the sensation of this area can neither be confined nor can be Mastered for all time.
Ø  I love Chinese for inventing the recipe of chicken hot & sour soup. It’s my the most favorite beverage on the earth that I can take anytime, anywhere in the world.

Ø  I find it exciting to try recipes that I haven’t tried before; while, at the same time find it really hard to cook traditional and conventional recipes.

Ø  My favorite color is blue, green, and every shade of these two.

Ø  Metro stores are currently my new obsession where I go crazy in the household section holding containers, fancy utensils. Oh my! my eyes have started shining.

Ø  I love to travel and have plans to spend at least two weeks exploring new country every year [hope to start this practice soon].

We recently [well over six months now] shifted home and currently I’m in process of decorating it and making it feel like home. Fortunately, now, I’ll be able to share the progress with you as well via this platform. There’ll be so many before and afters, exciting DIYs, home décor ideas, and surprise home tours.

This blog has enlarged my social circle and have given me opportunity to be friend with many people around the world sharing same love for organizing. Every comment, every visit makes me cheery and leaves me in high spirits on cloud number nine.
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