Thursday, 10 October 2013

How to Organize Photos

I Love taking pictures and looking at them afterwards to relive the happy moments spent with family, friends and loved ones. With numerous camera clicks, challenge of keeping pictures organized increases. And, unless we have a solid system in place, it’s really hard to keep the clutter at bay. So, in case of a family reunion, we often find ourselves running to every corner of the house to find photo albums.
For ages, photos of our family were so called organized in small photo albums with capacity to hold only 50 -60 photos per album. A picture once out from one of the plastic covers kept on wandering for a new home.
This post is for every one looking for some practical tips and tricks to organize photos. Though, with digital cameras, challenge has somewhat altered its form; a sturdy system will help you keep your printed pictures and digital images both in order.
You might say, “Oh! I don’t want to let go of any of my pictures.” But truth is you really need to go through your photo collection to toss or delete random and blurry camera shots, multiple takes of one scene and or any other picture that you think is not worthy enough to be saved for future. And of course, there’ll be several such pictures.
While deciding which particular photo to keep and which one to toss, ask yourself a simple question. Would I cherish seeing this picture again after five years? Your answer will serve as an antidote to your hoarding attitude. Pictures that capture people are one of the best pictures as it hold in them memories spanning over lives.
Once you have gone through the pictures and kept only the best ones, it’s time to arrange them in chronological order first by year and then by month. For example, let’s talk of 2013! I would keep all of the pictures taken in the month of August in one file/folder. Some people prefer organizing their photos by events. Printed photos would go in an envelope with the details of all the events happened in that particular month listed in detail on the face of envelope. For digital photos, make it a habit to take a backup every month by burning it on CD and label it properly.

Could it be any easier to organize photos than this solution of having CDs burned for photos related to a specific event with customized outer covers? Not only thousands of pictures rest safely in a CD that rests on a CD or book shelves but it also look pleasing and awe-inspiring.
Taking a backup of digital photos on CDs surely helps saving the happy moments but sometimes CDs get corrupted. Of course, we can’t leave that to chance and it’s, therefore, recommended that you consider online photos sites that give you space to privately store or publicly share your photos. You can even use Drop Box for storing your albums and saving the storage space of your gadget for something else.
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