Friday, 13 September 2013

9 Smart Ways to Organize Shoes:

Playing a game of finding a heel’s matching mate is no fun; especially, when you are already late for the event. Having a proper system in place to organize shoes will keep you from losing your sanity – as you would always have one designated area to store your shoes. Now, with these 9 smart ways to organize shoes, you shouldn’t have any excuse for cluttered floor space and scattered shoes.

Labeled Show Boxes:

See through shoe boxes comes handy as a low-maintenance storage system. Stacking these boxes will multiply your cabinet’s space and proper labeling will make you pick out your favorite pair without having to open every box.

You can always go creative when it comes to labeling. Use chalkboard Labels or even paste a photo of pair stored inside.
Display in Cubbies:

If you have got your hands on some stylish, classic and chic pairs of shoes, why not display them in cubbies? These little compartments will give each pair its own little stage and clear partitioning will protect your shoes from rubbing against each other.

Under the bed Storage:

Shoe storage doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have an old chest of drawers that you have always looking forward to get rid of, pull out its drawers, add some colors to these drawers and you are ready to claim them as your new storing unit.

Hang them:
Creativity knows no boundaries. Instead of letting your shoes continue scattering on floor, hang them nicely with the help of old wire hangers. This tip is especially practical for those having small apartment where every inch counts.

Full Circle Lazy Susan:

Set your shoes on rolling with full circle Lazy Susan. It can provide six-tiered shoes storage in an elegant and trendy manner. Bit expensive, a lazy Susan is definitely a cluttered-free way of exhibiting your shoe collection.

Shoe storage ottomans:

Shoe Racks: 

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack:

This wall-mounted shoe rack can display your kids’ sandals in a sweet and stunning way. If floor area is sparse, using wall area doubles the available storage area.

Pocket Organizers:
If you have been trying to look for shoe organizing idea that gives you maximum storage on budget and easy to maintain then over the door pocket organizers are what you need. Each pocket is big enough to hold a pair nicely.

Floor is yours:

What’s your tip for shoe organizing?
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