Wednesday, 4 December 2013

You "CAN" Surprise in 12 Ways:

I have been planning to write this post since the time I bought the smaller sized Pringles that came in a little cute jar. I remember, while enjoying the savory flavor, I was looking at the tin and thinking of the limitless creativity, equals to happiness, this jar had come up with. I honestly felt butterflies fluttering inside me as I got super excited to see to another DIY. Though, I plan to turn it into a bubbly eye-candy pens’ holder, I know there are zillions other ways to repurpose tin cans. Here are few of the ideas that you may find inspirational if you have tins lying around your home trying to find their purpose. Ready, get set, Go!
Trust me; I wouldn’t mind taking a pause amidst every food to complement the presence of these elegant, nicely-decorated tins cutlery holders. I have no doubt that it will bump up every flavor. My mother is very picky in terms of what can sit on the table as she often categorizes things as clutter and disregard their authority to sit on the dining table. You know what, I believe, even she’ll find it hard to say no to them.
I love the coziness of winter nights when I sip my coffee while having my socks on. It’s such a lovely feeling to snuggle the favorite teddy bear and look across the road at gleaming lights and wet road. Rapunzel dreams to see the floating lanterns but for me not even this home- made gleaming lanterns are that bad. How quietly they light up the whole scene is simply adorable.3: CRAFT STORAGE
I don’t think my passion for getting organized is new; rather, for as far I can look back at my life, I have always tried sorting things using different containers and jars. Just imagine how joyous and fun it becomes to let your crafty bone rule your mind when everything is in its place. My mum used to have a huge collection of colorful threads and getting them sorted out always lured me to stay close to the creative sewing space of hers.
I am such a lover of fancy white candles that glorifies the surroundings with its sheer presence. Just imagine a cake with and then without candles. All of a sudden, the charm, the happiness, that brightening effect fades leaving behind a boring setting. These tin cans repurposed as vases and candle holders are great to dramatize the counter top.
You’ll find this idea of using cans as pen holders very common. The three Pringles jars that I have collected so far are also going to be turned into pen holders. I am planning to use them in my office. What did I do to embellish them and make them look absolutely stunning? Well, you’ll find out in my next post. Till then, stay tuned
I wouldn’t mind sitting on the toilet seat 24/7 with such a darling towels’ rack made up of repurposed tin cans on my left. Use of pretty colors, ease of grabbing a towel, and the overall neatness is so adorable. Just a flowery-patterned wrapping paper has added so much elegance to otherwise plain steel cans.
I think, I should gift this to my mother. The amount of ribbons that she has been safely securing in her craft closet is overwhelming. Otherwise easy to get tangled, ribbons would nicely sit in the can and will get rolled tidily out of the designated holes. What an idea!
I currently store all of the plastic bags in a shoe box, immaculately labeled. However, they are stacked on top of each other; which means, one hazard can disassemble them all. This super easy to maintain idea of storing plastic bag in a can is such a life safer.
Does anyone else love lamps as much as I do? I have got several lamp shops close to my office and I can’t take my eyes off the sparkling lights, lustrous crystal, and lavish lanterns. My elder sister shares this enthrallment. But looking at the picture, I know now that making a home-made lamp isn’t that difficult after all. Where one vase can hold the bulb, a well painted tin can cover it with its majestic look.
Would you believe if I tell you that I haven’t ever thrown a bottle that comes with a pump? Sound silly, but it’s true. A pump bottle makes it possible to handle any kind of liquid in a hassle free manner. And now, when I found out that tin can be turned into a pump bottle, I was dazed with the ecstasy. I mean OMG! OMG!
Green = fresh. If the space you got is too small to have a lawn, you can use walls to introduce freshness to your place.

I hope you found these ideas inspirational. In my next post, I’ll share what I have done to Pringles cans to make them look super cute and super elegant. Keep your fingers crossed. Till then,
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  1. Hi, Faiza! I found you via Monthly Link from "iHeart Organized." Anyway, I love your post! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Joyce, I hope you'd keep coming back :)

  2. Point 8 and 12 are awesome!


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