Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to Organize Linen Closet:

The thing I love more than a nicely made bed is an organized linen closet that contains neatly folded sheets. Why I love it more than the made bed? Because an organized closet makes it much easier to find everything speedily that is required to make bed. Finding one pillow case missing is so frustrating.
Normally, at many homes, I have noticed, linen closet is a place to dump everything that doesn’t find any other home. So, today, I’m going to share some inspiring ideas to organize an overflowing linen closet.

Unless you are crystal clear what functions you want your linen closet to serve, it will be a mess. You know why? Because, whenever you’ll want to hide clutter, you’ll always look to this poor closet. Be honest with yourself. Take your time and list down what you want to store in this cupboard. You might want to consider storing beddings, folded sheets, towels, extra tissue roles, medicines, first aid kit, and/or blankets etc. these are merely suggestions as only you can decide how big or small your closet is. If you have space, you can also store extra beauty and hygiene supplies as well.

Once you agree on the items that you want to store, think of the ways to compartmentalize them. Not always we have a linen closet with built in dividers; nonetheless, we can use shelve dividers and baskets to segregate everything. Compartmentalizing and creating distinctive zones is important to force yourself to put things back to their designated places. And I feel, once a thing has an “official home” it is more likely to stay organized.
I know how bad it feels to not have enough built in closets to make one dedicated to linens and beddings. But, so what! I don’t have one either. And, I find free standing linen closets nearly as perfect as a built-in one. Rather, they facilitate more compartmentalization, offer more drawers and are easier to move around.
Having labeled baskets is such an amazing way to keep everything out of sight and not out of mind. On reading a label, you can easily discern what to expect in that individual basket without even pulling it out. And labeling is so much fun. Literally, you can have your personality and creativity illustrated through customized labels. I looooove making customized labels. In DIY week, I have one post dedicated to label making. Hope, you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Fingers Crossed!
You can optimize the utilization of closet space by adding made-up shelves.

I swear I can spare as long as it takes to fold sheets nicely than to throw them In closet jumbled up. Not because I love folding (I know nobody does); but, I know folded sheets stay put and are stress free to work with. Little time spent to fold sheets pays off big time. And personally, I like to stack folded sheets vertically in a basket. That supports me to look at every option available without ruining the entire arrangement.
I hope you find these ideas helpful. And,
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