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5 Simple Tips To Organize Your Makeup Today:

Hello My Lovely Friends!
It’s often said, “You need natural looks to look beautiful; but, you need makeup to look natural.” When I was doing my MBA, it’s only then that I started using makeup. Before that, a moisturizer, lip gloss, and an eye liner were all that I used at max even on any special occasion. As I grew up, however, I familiarized myself with somewhat more striking beauty “instruments”. Struggle of using them properly on my face came along with the challenge of organizing them. I won’t say I was successful the very first time. Rather, I had to experiment with different solutions to finally pick out one that is now serving me well.
How would you know, if your make up is organized or not? Simple! I’m going to ask you few questions and if your answers to most of them are yes, then don’t worry my friend, you got it just right. Otherwise, Spare one hour on THIS WEEKEND to organize your makeup.
1)    If I ask to pick your favorite eye shadow, will you find it for me with in 1 minute?

2)    Is your makeup arranged in a way that you can get ready within 10 minutes?

3)     Have you gotten rid of all expired/broken makeup items?
These three simple questions are enough to assess whether or not you are organized when it comes to your makeup. Even if you are somewhat organized, today’s post will give you some more ideas, love, energy and motivation to get everything straight.
I always suggest storing makeup in close proximity to the place where you get ready. For example, if you get ready in the bathroom, try organizing your makeup on/near the bathroom counter. If you use your modish vanity table to get ready, sort everything in its drawers or position a chest of drawers near it to have everything easily accessible.
It’s important because you don’t have to pick one or two items from makeup cabinet and run all the way to bathroom to apply them and then return to pick some more. It’s a very high maintenance system – leaving many items on the bathroom countertop thinking you’ll put them back when free or at night. It’s a big NO.
If for some reason, it’s not possible consider having a makeup caddy instead so that you could carry it to the place where you do your makeup. Everything is nearby and so easy to put back.

Brush bristles are very delicate and demand regular upkeep and caution for longer life. Take a clear glass vase and put coffee beans in it to make a home for brushes. It was sad to see my favorite brushes “dead” after two months of usage as I was storing them incorrectly. Clear vase full of beans, rice, or artificial grains keep them intact.  

No matter how strongly I snub my desire to collect more makeup, I often end up buying just another shade (but a different one). Of course, I don’t use them all every single day. So, there’s no point storing them all together. I have a very set routine when it comes to makeup. I have little to no variation to the steps and shades of makeup I use on daily basis for office. For that matter, I have had my makeup divided into categories: Daily Use and special events & occasions.
Daily use items are kept together regardless of type in one container. For example, one particular BB cream, eye shadows kit, blush, one blush-on brush, three four lipsticks are conveniently stored in one box and over the vanity table. It has simplified my morning routine thousand times. I can now get ready within ten minutes.

I am convinced, unless you know what you need to organize how you would get it organized. Take whatever you have collected so far and place it on a clear surface (I like to do it on my bed). First things first, set aside broken and expired items and happily throw them NOW.
Also, if you haven’t used an item for last six months chances are you’ll not use it in the future. It’s better to gift them to those who are most likely to use these items. May be you have five shades of same color, may be one particular brand looks best on your skin. Think of these questions and keep only those items that you use and/or will use in the future.
It will also enable you to figure out things that you don’t have. For example, I was obsessed with collecting foundations and had God knows how many. Still, I often found myself borrowing other things from my sister as I never thought of buying them ( I never thought of buying any eye makeup product myself). After making a list of what I have and what I need, I came to a conclusive list that helped to turn my attention to other important items required to look pretty.

Divide & conquer rule is so effective in the world of organizing that right compartmentalization gives neat effect to everything. Don’t stack eye shadows on top of each other praying that they’ll stay together for life time. You need a fool proof system. Using boxes, baskets, containers, jars, and drawer dividers keep your items from getting jumbled up. I believe the art of staying organized is hidden in the power and ease of your organizing system. If your system is difficult to maintain, chances are low that you’ll.
You all are beautiful, just keep reminding yourself that. No amount of makeup can make you confident, if you yourself are not sure about your loveliness. Hope you find these tips helpful on your way to a beautiful world.
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  1. Waoow gud ideas :) am gona have so many make-up thingises n placing them in such ways


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