Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Update on Home Binder and Free Printables:

Ah, it feels home. It really does. Professionally one of the busiest weeks that on some days prolonged to 18 working hours a day. Calling it a night at 3:00 am in the morning did leave me with bulging eyes and aching body; so, I thought, instead of blogging for the sake of blogging, I should wait until I really get back to my normal routine. But, that doesn’t mean, organizing soul inside me was on vacation. No, I stole every minute from my day to bring the organizing sensation in my otherwise hectic work routine. I organized my office drawers, gave them new & fresh labels, I made a box for papers to be recycled, and made many new printables for personal binder. Today, I am going to share the printables story and the good news is I am going to make them available for you for absolutely free. Note: Please click on each picture to start downloading. If you want me to email any of these printables to you, put a comment below.


I hate to forget things once I step in the store. And, of course, the solution is to maintain a shopping list. As I told in my previous post, I shop every two months. So, during these two months, this is the list that keeps record of my thoughtful, well researched, well compared wishes along with the price. Instead of adding a separate column for the place I want to buy that thing from I decided to use the main tab for mentioning any such information. 

This is such a life saver I can’t even stress enough. Given the kind of girl I am, this list comes in handy every second. Whenever, I don’t find anything in my mind, I refer to this list and phew it’s there. It’s kind of my reminders. Before leaving home, before sleeping, before making any decision, or even for my daily insignificant reminders I maintain this list. Helps so much.

Unless we have goals set for ourselves, we’ll always feel wandered. At least, I shall. So, this is something that I made up to help me readjust my direction to ensure I am on a right track.


How would I even think of keeping track of my finances without it? I am sure you’ll find it handy.

Do give your feedback and don’t forget to pin any printable that you’d like to share with others. Till then, Happy Organizing my friend!

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  1. Ahhhaa! welcome back. Thanks for sharing free printable :)
    Can you please dedicate a post to "rules for successful life"?


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