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5 Things for an Organized Bedroom:

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Our bedrooms are the best description of our personality. If you want to know about yourself, take a lazy look at the surroundings of your bedroom secretly without changing a thing. What did you observe? Did your eyes come back surprised? Probably not! Because you saw, what you are and you know yourself for years.
Now take a paper and write down first five words that came to your mind during this lazy eye trip. First five words that came to your mind without struggling hard are probably the best ones to define who you are, the best things about you, and the weaker areas where you need bit tweaking. Let me help you with the few words: Is your room:

               Boring or an eye Treat
               Maintained or clumsy
               Cluttered or Organized
               Chic or blatant
               Nicely put together or Lacks style
              Can’t Live Without or Better off without

Sad it is but still my room lacks glamor and though it may be organized it lacks style and accessories that could put everything together. Anyways, recently, I started making a list of things that really put a bedroom together, make it look organized with no effort and can make room ready to welcome an unexpected guest. Let’s Start.


You believe it or not a carpeted bedroom looks many times better than a non-carpeted one unless the floor is worth dying for. It dresses up the room elegantly. Though, it might be difficult to keep it clean, it’s worth it. My sister recently started her married life. Living in another city, she shared the picture of her bedroom before it got carpeted and it looked horrific. I wished her good luck. After a month, I gave her a visit and voila room looked so different with a carpeted floor and additions of curtains (furniture was still the same).

If you are not in favor of covering the entire flooring area, you might use a large rug that could do the function of a carpet while still allowing you to say hello to the bare floor. 


Ah! I always underestimated the power of curtains. But no more! In a bedroom, curtains might not be the show stopper but without them nothing can be. The new home (we shifted last year in June), there is a nearly a wall sized window in every room that lets you look at the greenery, a rising sun, and every Tom and Harry passing by. If you don’t put covers on such a window that basically opens up half of the wall, your bedroom becomes extension of the view outside and the room fails to offer you the privacy & coziness of a bedroom. By putting curtains, you start defining the limit by claiming a world of your own. Choose a good style and an elegant pattern for curtains and drapes, and it will change the mood of the entire room secretly. 


It doesn’t matter if you have a Queen-sized bed or a King-sized, a double bed or a single bed; thing that matters is if it’s made or not. I can’t stress enough. Even if your mornings are too busy to pick up the stuff, take out the time to make your bed. Not only it will instantly make the room look more presentable, it would also give you something to land on when you retire from the day.
My mother is so particular about this that whenever she used to wake us up, she reminded us that we should not start getting ready before we had made our beds. In the beginning, it felt like armoring up for a battle but soon it became habit and I give you my words, it makes a huge difference.


The purpose of the statement wall is to steal the attention. Even if your room is somewhat cluttered, a good statement wall will make it look otherwise. Because, it will shift the focus from an unpleasing sight to more well thought out pieces of art.  

Proper lighting brightens up the room and accentuates its key features by adding a dramatic effect. Lamps, candles, chandelier, and twinkling lights, all can make a room look more serene and lavish. 
How are the things at your end? Do keep me posted. With Love,
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