Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Wedding Break:

You might be wondering, “Where did the girl go”? I’m here. Right here in front of you. Last few weeks have been super packed with crazy shopping, guest overs, House Cleaning, dishes, cooking and being an entertaining host. Next week isn’t going to be any different as I’m yet to wrap wedding gifts, finalize guests’ lists, make phone calls, and check last minute arrangements. Oh! You don’t know who is getting married? It’s my sister. You can check out her wedding website: www.ayeshazonaib.wix.com/wedding.

Last week, when my mother finally got fed up with frequent visits to market - just because every time she forgot to buy something - I realized, she trusts her memory too much. We, as a human, always find it convenient to store things in our mind than noting them down on paper. As a result, we end up putting more effort by correcting things that our mind mingled up. That might means, more trips to market (extra fuel cost), frustration, and time loss.
For grocery shopping, I immediately arranged a paper and asked her to think of anything that she might need while cooking. Together, we went through each recipe’s ingredients and made a list of everything that we were short on. When she came back from super-store, we were ready to start cooking and there was nothing muffed.

 I intend to write this email to remind you writing things down serves you many ways. It gives you ample time to plan and get things done in one go; thus, avoiding annoyance of rework. Assess your habit. Do you note things down? It could be phone numbers, events, appointments, details of project, discussion points, shopping list, home projects, or even your wish list. Once you start doing it, you’ll immediately notice the feeling of having a control over everything. I keep a pocket size note book and a pen in my wallet that gives me a ready access to my tools.
Any ways, hope you are having a great week. We’ll soon continue our journey of organizing awesomeness. By the way, I have got a plum color dress for my sister’s wedding that has got silver details on it.

Take care of yourself,


  1. I really liked the idea of doing a wedding website for your sister, best wishes for her


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