Saturday, 4 January 2014

Planner 2014: Weekly To-do List

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it. I read it somewhere and found it absolutely true about to-do lists. Some people find it overwhelming to maintain a list of tasks that requires their attention; however, I find it devastating not to have one. It’s funny that making a to-do list releases endorphins in my body and leaves me very cheery. Actually, finishing these tasks off should have made me happy but Anyways J.
If maintaining a to-do list is not your cup of tea then use colors to make it attractive. No matter how old we happen to be, there is still a kid inside us that gets excited to see colors. You’ll experience much more craving to live with your to-do list. You might assign different meanings to different colors. Reds on your to-do list would mean important high priority tasks, Greens on the other hand may be used for financial (money) related matters, blue for personal life, etc. But not every time we have so many markers at hand (though a pouch with all these markers could be tucked inside the binder), you could use black pen for writing down task for adding colored parenthesis later on when you do have access to your stationery. Everything will become visually appealing and far easier to scan.
I have heard many people saying, “We don’t find time to write things down.” The truth is you are yet to experience how amazingly a to-do list can schedule your entire day. Seriously! When I have the next day completely planned out, I have a very productive day. Instead of wasting time on random stuff, I stay focused and get more done every single minute. And the reward often is more quality time with my family. If you find it difficult to squeeze out time in the middle of a busy day, then why not set aside few minutes every night just before you hit bed? Or why not start the day, even before your breakfast, chalking out the plan for the day. It would help!
To-do lists stop working when overloaded. According to Pareto rule, 80% of the impact is the result of 20% bustle. Instead of overburdening yourself and feeling frustrated for not completing items on your list, identify 3 most important tasks every day that’ll help you the most to achieve your goals. The weekly list sample I am attaching today gives enough space to write down 3 important tasks for every day of the week. The purpose of such list is to increase your productivity and not to discourage you. Also, try to write such tasks in an actionable way.
I want to-do lists to give me the bird eye view of my entire week. It offers space for mentioning:
·         22 Tasks over the period of 7 days
·         Birthdays and the gift planning
·         People you want to call
·         Things you plan to buy – ( Shopping Mania)
·         Notes: where you can jot down random thoughts and ideas

                Click here to download

Feel free to take print out and organize your life right away. 


  1. Its been two weeks since your last post, are you feeling well ?

    1. Sarah! Sweetness of your comment made my day. Well, one of my sister is getting married in one week's time and the other one is getting engaged. Things are super busy(i'll cover these events on blog). Hope that you ll keep coming back.
      Loads of love,


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