Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How to organize Smart Phone:

Writing after a long time feels as if you are watching your favorite drama and commercial break prolongs so much that you forget what you were watching in the first place. Funny it’s; but, hey, it’s your favorite drama – worth every break.
Yesterday, I found some applications installed on my phone that I had long forgotten about. I knew it was the time to organize my cell phone. It is one thing that stays in my hand for 27 out of 24 hours - for texting, taking calls, checking emails, reading blogs, finding favorite recipes, updating my Facebook newsfeed, and doing much more. I personally believe smart phones have stolen convenience of laptops and functionality of desktops and cameras. So, to stay compos mentis (functional), it requires little bit attention every month.

I like to go about organizing my cell phone bit systematically. It helps me not to skip any step and do everything as my second nature. This month, while I show my baby little love, don’t mind to pick yours and love it along the way.
I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s wrong with every one that I am never satisfied with one click per scene. I always take multiple pictures of one scene for just in case and that clutters my phone gallery within seconds. Click, click, click, and two hands come out of the phone screen to plea that’s enough (sometimes the person I am taking picture of says, “You are taking too long. Is it something wrong with your camera?” and I respond, “no, my hand is trembling”).  But seriously, I am so fond of taking pictures that I can’t afford losing them. Nor I would like to go through hundreds of pictures to find THAT one picture. So, every month, using data cable, I move all of my pictures from mobile to laptop. Go through them and select only one picture per scene. One good example is pictures of basket that I took for my car organizing project. I kept only one of them and discarded rest of them. 
 In case of one person with loads of facial expression and from tons of different angles, I find it really hard to delete pictures (quickly going through back and forth enlivens those still pictures – everything moves and looks funny.) I encourage myself to make a collage of good facial expressions. Zillions of pictures get packed in one and ones you don’t like, click and delete.
Once you sort out the pictures that you want to keep, organize them first by year and then by events (date/month/year is my preferred format). So, for example, I’ll name my convocation pictures as: Convocation_28-06-12_1. And it’ll be stored in a folder name convocation which will be stored in a folder 2012.
Regular backup of pictures is really important to never yell like Keven’s mom in “home alone” movie. Either burn them to CD or let the clouds carry them.  More Photo Organizing Tips.
Life’s beauty is visible from small moments that we live every day. It’s not limited to fancy days that we all wait for. Don’t believe? Just start capturing random moments and you’ll see. I make tons of videos. I can never have enough of them. They are my time machines that let me travel back to the past. But videos take space that if not freed up frequently can slow down your cell phones. Delete every video that’s not going to serve any purpose in the future nor even going to make you happy. Rest you should keep, organize and backup, so your cell phone could breathe again.

Same goes for songs as well. Our taste changes quicker than we think it does. My sister, she will prefer to see the sun coming out of north instead of deleting a song from her cell. So, her phone has now become jewel box of every funky, sad, cheerful, and motivating song (including that song bang bang). And I, just exact opposite of that, like to remove every song from cell every two months.
Amazingly, I used to believe messages are the most harmless things I have on my cell. I let them grow, grow, grow and then one day figure out my cell was chocking. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Instead of beating it on the back, I, after detailed checkup, realized that my cell phone could even tell me what the first message was that I wrote two years back.

I knew messages couldn’t be sorted with ease. You MIGHT have useful information. It took me some time to clean my message inbox, but one trick helped. All those senders whom I was sure had always sent me unimportant, forwarded messages, I discarded their messages immediately (At that time everything seemed unimportant). Rest was easy.
If I don’t use one application for at least one month, I assume that I don’t need it anymore. I uninstall it. I preferred to move applications to SD card.

Last but not least, I organize my home screen. Unlike many, a crammed home screen makes me vomit. So, the max I have on my home screen is one of chat applications and GNotes (so I could take notes immediately).  

 Hope you enjoyed this post. Do give your feedback and till then;
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  1. Picture frames are cute but post is looking bit busy because of them.

  2. yeah..after a long time ..but bang bang was the best portion which makes me laugh :P

  3. nice post i really like this post its looking great.


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