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Farewell 2013, New Year's Resolutions (2014)

Happy New Year Everyone!

Farewell to 2013, I’m sad – genuinely sad!

I was asked if I’d write about my resolutions for 2014. Well, I would love to; but, I’m kind of a girl who takes on the potential of a new year’s grand opening bit slowly than others. As for me, the New Year’s Eve is a perfect moment to take a pause, think about the year that came about, gave me chances to cherish, cry, be close to my loved ones, try, fail, succeed, lead, follow, learn, improve, face challenges, envy, to prove myself, to cook, to eat, to be a host, to be a guest, to travel, to do adventure, to be stronger than the past, to get up every morning with the burning desire of living my dreams, to make schedules, to break them, to learn how to drive, to start a blog, and to do what I always wanted to do, and many more.

I must admit that this year passed swiftly even before I could chew what I had bitten off; but this was a great year for my soul. I steered my boat in the direction of my dream world. So, in a way, this year (2013) is when I planted the seed, and next year (2014) is when I plan to nourish it. I am grateful for all the blessings and moments of self-realization. Why I’m appreciative of the later? Because, in every such moment, I celebrated my strengths, acknowledged my weakness and identified areas for further improvement. I bid you farewell 2013. Thank you for being so amazing.
Welcome 2014! I’m happy, genuinely happy!

2014 is going to be such an important year in my life that I don’t think I can bear the excitement. With so much to come, I better be geared up. Every year, I set goals for myself. However, not writing them at one place steals away the accountability. This year I am going to write all my personal and professional goals at one place so that I could continually remind myself what I need to accomplish and also monitor my performance along the way.

I’m so excited that last night I felt frozen. This doesn’t happen often. Automatically, the first day of the year felt as if I was able to wipe dirt on the life’s diary to right many wrongs. A new chance, a fresh start always excites me. Here are my 2014 resolutions:
For 2014, I have plans to go crazy blogging about new organizing ideas, DIYs, painting, decorating, crafting, creating, innovating, accepting budget challenges, before n after projects and making things pretty. There is so much under progress that my blog to-do list is about to explode. The aim of the blog, above everything else, is to prove to myself that I can do what I once dreamt to do. When things get documented, keeping track of them becomes easier.  I know, with a full-time job, a part-time content writing job, and CFA level-1 exam scheduled in June 2014 it will sometime be nerve wracking to spare happy moments for this baby. But, that’s where setting a goal motivates.

One thing that one is sure to find while leafing through my past documents is my check-lists. Hundreds of them, and I am not kidding. Even from school days, I have loved to make daily schedules and checklists. I feel so productive when I do so. Do you feel that way too or is it only me?  My younger sister would often find something from the past and would read it aloud to everyone.

I still have the habit of writing things down to don’t get sidetracked. However, I never pulled together a proper planner where I could clip all of my check-lists. This year, I have decided to design and create my very own personal planner that would be my buddy in all areas of my life. From blogging to shopping, grocery to paying bills, I’ll have it all at one place. And guess what! I’ll be sharing these printables absolutely free with you guys. Exciting, isn’t it? 

In the past, I feel, our home always lacked not furniture or household items but some love that could connect everything together. That could weave individual scenes and tell a story about who we are. Recent shifting to a new place has literally offered me a blank canvas so I can start from where ever I desire without maddened by old patterns and preconditioned mindset. Currently, I am planning to start tons of new home projects that’ll surely make my home super awesome after which I’ll let you have a virtual tour of my home. Fingers crossed. 

We often forget to celebrate our small moments of happiness while waiting for bigger ones. This year, I resolute to celebrate more often - especially, my life, my family, and my health. I would steer away from a boring life and dull routines as much possible by spending more time with my family doing crazy stuff. There would be loads of adventures. In 2014, I plan to:

This year, I also plan to send out more gifts and handmade cards to my family, friends, and sharing happiness with people who can’t afford even basic necessities.

Believe me when I say, I am an introvert. Coming at forefront is not my cup of tea that often means sitting comfortably in my silo and never even bother to look out. This year, however, I plan to let the social bug bite me often. Thanks to everyone who subscribed to my blog and visits me regularly. I can assure you, that every time I see you coming back and liking things here and there I feel like hugging you tight. Ayesha, Fara, Hina, Faiqa, Samia Khan, Смурфетта, Msdeby, Libby, Saima Naveed, Shyrahallan, Xtheodoritsi, Jennifer, Anum Ayub, Yumna Asif, Hafsa Siddiqui, Elina Smagre, and everyone else who joined me thank you all for being so fabulous. Words will never be enough to explain what your support means to me.

I hope and pray for everyone that may this and all the coming years be blessed ones. Do share your resolution for 2014. Till then,

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