Sunday, 29 December 2013

7 Under the Stairs Organizing Ideas:

I am always flabbergasted by the fact that if used optimally, we can quadruple the space we have.  Easily ignored spaces are usually the best to squeeze out the maximum out of small places; all we need is the ability to look at things the way other people don’t. Stop dumping spare items under the stairs, as I’m going to surprise you with seven amazing ideas. Let’s not wait any more second.
Area under the stairs can easily be transformed into a personal library by installing open shelves. If you have a good collection of books that you don’t want to let go off then you would definitely be interested in assigning them a proper place. What could be more cheery than a library smiling at you out of otherwise deserted area.
No matter how many we already have, we all need one more closet to store everything nicely. I would definitely be attracted to getting my hands on some extra storage for all the items that usually don’t easily find home anywhere else. Like all the sports gears, I wouldn’t want to clutter my bedroom with them.  

Not always we are lucky to have a separate room for our crafty projects; but, it shouldn’t mean we can’t have a peaceful space to be creative. Under the stairs area is definitely a fun place to be if it’s large enough to hold a table with drawers. From my personal experience, I can quote that having a proper place to complete a project where all the essential components are stored nearby, I feel more creative and more energized to finish off the task at hand. 

It’s cuter than I thought it would be. Living under the stairs like Harry Potter might seem glum; but, having a colorful, designated area as kid’s corner is totally adorable. It’s a must have for me when I’ll be having kids (in case the house isn’t large enough to offer a separate room as a play area). Not that I would hate them and dump them in this corner; but, it would serve me two purposes.
1) For one, my kids will have a space to read and play un-distractedly.
2) The rest of the house will stay clean and I’ll not have to worry to put away things if guests pop in. 
Currently, I am clearing up my bedroom to make space for my home office. I totally disagree to having a home office in the bedroom because it sucks my productive energy and entices me to sleep after every minute of “hard work.” But, I didn’t have any other choice. The idea of having a home office under the stairs is a treat for the diligent side of my soul. However, unfortunately, in my home, the area is not large enough for it.

Tom n Jerry once used to be my favorite cartoons; and, I often used to adore the coziness of Jerry’s home. Do you remember that episode in which a blow on Tom’s head makes him act like a mouse? That episode gave the first detailed home tour of Jerry’s dwelling. I loved that to bits. The motivation of having a home where you could hide yourself and just be yourself away from the rest of the world was exciting. I hope, your pets would love this coziness too if you give them this space as their new abode.  
When I was in my early teens, I, along with my sisters, used to find places where I could read every word published in the magazine without my mother knowing it. Sometimes, I used to leaf through in the store room and other times in the gallery (where my mother used to put out of season clothes). An area like this would surely have made reading comforting. 
 Which one of the above did you like the most? If you have a childhood memory that you’d like to share I am all ears. I’ll be waiting; till then,
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