Saturday, 14 December 2013

Repurposing Pringles CANs:

Heaps of love for all of you!
I’m finally breathing – I’m finally ready to share what I did with Pringles cans. It’s not that this project will make you jump off the cliff; rather, it’s a very quick sort of a project. But, it was getting deferred for no apparent reason (I had a budget season to deal with).
Fasten your seat belt as you are going to join me on the way to the land of stunning simplicity. Ride is going to be salty, smoky, BBQ flavored and mouth-watering.  
Originally, I had thought of using fabric to wrap these jars but when I was raiding shopping a stationery store, I found a very cute gift wrapping sheet that for this project seemed perfect. So, I came back home and went on with the original idea but replaced fabric with the wrapping sheet.
For sticking it to the can, I used all-purpose adhesive glue that worked brilliantly, didn’t leave any residue and was super comforting to work with.

Doesn’t it look cute? If you are nodding your head in yes, please accept my virtual hug. I intend to use one of them as pen holder and the other one as my new super awesome stand for brushes.
Wrapping sheet: PKR 20, white stones = my mother’s gift, Glue stick = PKR 50 => PKR 100 (Less than a dollar).
They are making me smile, voicing my hope that anything can be turned into gold. It just needs little love and determination to make it happen.
Did you find this quick project inspirational? And if you have done any such DIY project, I would love to hear from you. Till then,

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  1. :D I guess this is the cheapest way. Low cost organization tips always make me feel jumpy...Thanks for sharing!


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