Sunday, 15 December 2013

Organizing Car:

One sixer after the other!
I had a very productive week as I spent most of time amidst organizing tools, pretty wrapping sheets, beads, glues, and of course clutter as well. Excitement of de-cluttering a space is so rewarding that it sets the momentum; you don’t want to stop and starts another project on your to-do list. Energy, of seeing a space respiring, gets you going.
So, your highness, I folded my sleeves and decided to give my brother a favor by asking him if I could clean/organize his car. He, happily, said yes! He was grinning when I said, “your car is so unorganized that it will get me perfect before and after pictures”. But I stopped chuckling when I opened the door and found out there was lot that needed my attention. First thing first, let me help you have a look at my brother’s car.      
Grey, vitz, is what I intend to take a crack at. So, mission started with making a space in the garage and taking the black bird out.
Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. It doesn’t seem to be affected by my brother’s careless care-free nature from outside. I know you must be very excited to peek inside as I once was, sighing! Get ready, don’t laugh what you are about to see but you are free to relate if your (or your loved ones) car seems something like this. Here is another one!

  When I opened the front drawer, voila! A flood of papers and technical gadgets came out (some ketchup too).

I started off with cleaning the rugs, what a bad idea that was. I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned and continued cleaning for good half an hour but those rugs seemed to have secretly holding on to all the sand of Sahara Desert.
Please say, it seems little better. O thanks a lot! Now I’m done with all the sand on the ground, and it’s time to deal with the paper clutter that rested hmmmm everywhere. For I to contend with papers, I first needed to understand their kind. I categorized them in four piles.

1)         Important documents: Like car registration papers, driving license, car related warranties etc. Storage type: Permanent
2)         Entry tickets: These tickets needed to be stored temporary for like a month or so.
3)         Paper Money: It needed secret, but easily accessible storage.
4)         Trash: to be thrown out that instant.
Sorting out made it much easier: divide and conquer. I must notify here that vitz comes with lots…n lots of compartments so it’s definitely an organized car by its very nature. So, for many things, I used built-in storage.
Let’s start with important documents. Such kind of documents needed to be kept secured. Poly envelope? What an idea! I nicely folded important documents and put them in a poly envelope, labeled it and TADA!

Things started coming together at last. I chose front drawer for important papers along with techy gadgets and a body spray. Front drawer is easily accessible, large enough to hold these many things and keep things out of reach for kids.

Entry tickets couldn’t be stored in a drawer like that as they needed to be easily reached within seconds. Also, I know my brother, he wouldn’t have used a system that required hard work and would have allowed entry tickets to wander instead of opening and closing a poly envelope twice a day. Thinking! Thinking! Thinking! Whoa! Solution was as simple as a paper clip. I just needed a paper clip to encage all the papers.

 Money, I stored in a small compartment near the steering wheel and trash was thrown out. Next biggest challenge was wires. I had two options. Either use one of already built-in compartments or hang them on an adhesive hook, stuck to the side door, like this:
I liked adhesive hook idea more; but, unfortunately, it wasn’t my car and my brother didn’t want a girly hook with a flower on it. Yeah, sad it is! Now I was forced to put wires in the little compartment beneath the steering wheel. But, I am happy as long as wires are contained and organized.

Much better, right?  But, I’m not done yet. I reckoned this car needed what could keep it organized. Yes, a dustbin! I had something that was perfect but lacked color, fun and glam.

I use a piece of fabric and stuck it to the container using all-purpose glue. How cute is this?

For label, I re-purposed a gift card (white base) and a wedding card (golden netted circle): Match made in heaven. This basket is sturdy, looks elegant, gives combo of beautiful colors and above all seems picture-perfect.
 Here’s the final look!

I wish I could have it imprinted on the windshield, " You have every right to keep it clean." Hope, you are still with me.
Do give me your feedback. Till then,


  1. WOW! This is just perfect!
    Thanks, I am starting with some of these ideas today!

  2. Thanks Samia for stopping by and dropping such a sweet comment :)



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