Monday, 9 December 2013

5 Amazing Beverage Station Ideas:

I always drool over cold drinks and hot beverages alike – especially soup. Beverage Station lets you find all the ingredients at one place, augments the flavors of the drink, lets you sip peace of mind, and functions as the handy entertainment center for your guests.  
It’s amazing how we often find excuses for not putting our best, not getting things done and not using our creativity. We often blame lack of resources, small budget, and limited time for not being able to achieve our goals. Guess what, you want a beverage station? A tea-trolley is good enough. The top surface can hold all the machinery, middle level can hold the tackle boxes, containing beverages sachets, and water bottles can be stored at the bottom. Cool! It’s functional, it’s mobile, and it’s loaded with everything needed to serve your guests. Most of all it just needs minutes to get clean. 
I have always wished for my drawers to get bigger and hold more food without getting messier. I’m amazed how proper compartmentalization makes the drawer look bigger and portions out every square for better control of beverages sachets. If you have a sacred shelf space, it’s a good idea to leave it for machinery while hiding all the other items in the accompanying drawer underneath. 3 - SECRET CUPBOARD:
Find a beverage station in the room? Couldn’t? It’s in the magical cupboard that when closed veils all the clutter and when opened works as a completely accessorized beverage station. It’s a very clever storage idea and a fancy one as well.
A grandeur credenza makes a perfect beverage station as it gives plenty of room to play with. Even after machinery, loads of space on countertop is available to put décor items, pictures of your loved ones, chalk boards describing what’s being served and a fancy stack of flavored coffee pouches.
Purpose of a beverage station is to offer the convenience of finding required tools quickly so you could really grab and go. A designated drawer works just fine with its layered gaps that can be stepped up a further with tiered organizers. I’m attracted to labeled glass jars as if they are a magnet and I’m a helpless nail. I would love opening this cabinet time n time again.
Have you managed to find yourself a beverage station? Don’t forget to give your opinion about the idea which you think will serve you best, till then:
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