Monday, 16 December 2013

Knock! Knock!

Ah! I’m so excited to be doing this post. Who doesn’t like a one-to-one more private conversation. So, grab a cup of coffee, pull your chair little closer to screen and we’ll talk for hours and hours like good old folks. Did you notice any change? Yes, this post is loaded with surprises - most of all is my profile picture. Now, you’d be able to know how do I look like and our friendship will get stronger a notch further from an unseen pal to your best buddy.
Without commenting on how I look, let’s unpack the other boxes full of surprises. Firstly, I am planning to be more regular in writing four posts a week. Every week, you’ll find:
 Such post will be yours and mine source of inspiration that’ll give us  exploding ideas for organizing just about everything. Purpose of such posts is to spice up the creative soul inside us by looking at things from  a different angle. For example, a can could be repurposed into a pen holder or a gleaming lantern. It would be a reminder that with creativity a coal can be transformed into diamond – all we need to move is our lazy tush and get our hands dirty.
Every week, I’ll bring you a spectacular, yet an easy-to-do, DIY project. I can already feel current flowing in my body. You are more than welcome to share your projects and link them up here.
Every week, together we’ll look at a place to identify what’s hindering in the neatness. It could be the absence of any /failure of existing organizing system, or it could be overloaded with systems. Rationale of such post is to together go through a place, virtually, and decide on organizing systems that should work best for that particular situation. Sometimes, however, I’ll bring for you wisdom of beautifully said quotations that’ll sky-rocket your morale.

I know, I know I should hang my head in shame for not being able to be accessible for many, not regularly updating the Facebook page and having “advertise” page calling names. But with the humble success of this blog, I know it’s the right time to update the page and open this blog for sweet sponsors. Soon, “advertise” page will be updated and you’ll find it easier to contact.

I want you to meet my family. As I told earlier, my elder sister is getting married this January. Ceremony would be a great place to grab the camera, click a nice shot and host a party on this blog to invite them as our chief guests.
Till then,

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  1. Hmmmm... sounds interesting! eagerly waiting for new posts,specially inspirational quotes!!! :D


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