Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Charm of Open Shelves:

Excited?  Yes! Jumping with ecstasy? Yes! Eyes shinning like a bright star? Yes! Heart beating fast? Yes! So many yeses for I’m to talk about the charm, mystic and breathtaking sight of open shelves. For many, open shelves are hard to deal with, require frequent cleaning and don’t allow burying clutter in life-threatening situations (unexpected guests unexpectedly ring your door bell). But if you look at these negatives, all of them are blessings in disguise. They don’t let you settle for less and keep dumbing clutter – otherwise one fine morning you open a drawer, scream as if you saw a monster and take it as an irreversible decision of nature. So, open shelves = frequent cleaning = always tidier home.
For my mother, everything that can’t be covered is a kitty-party for dust particles as no woman on earth would want to run through her life wiping counters, ship-shaping decorative items – in other words have no life of her own. Well, I can only laugh at this. I won’t counter argument but would whisper, “it’s worth it.”
Consider open shelves as your very own, personalized boutiques. The opportunity can be used to glamorize the presence of personal belongings. Seriously, there’s so much one could do. Instead of having to wait for opening the cabinet’s door, sensation of organized space can be easily felt even from far away.

Open shelves are a good example where careful use of colors speaks for itself. Once you are done choosing the right theme for the area, it sets tone for all the items that hit home. My personal choice would be to take my time but find maximum items that go along well with the overall color scheme. This way, the entire area will become an eye-candy and sugar plum.


Of course, not the whole shebang can be displayed as there are certain items that are not so fancy, don’t represent your personality, might look cluttered when displayed. If you are lucky to have a fusion of delightful open shelves and functionality of covered counters, it’s recommended to go through all the items belonging to that particular area for deciding on what can sleep in the drawer and what can shine like a star on shelves. One other criterion for sorting out things, other than aesthetics, is their frequency of usage. Things that stay in regular use could sit publicly as they’ll continue to go through the cleaning loop.

I wish, I could demonstrate my condition when I step into a store – as if caged animals of Madagascar for the first time experience the world outside zoo. It becomes hard to control a racing heart that comes close to a heart attack, and frozen feet that just don’t want to move forward without picking a sample of every fancy item. Whenever, I go shopping with my sisters, I am the one with stuffed shopping bags and a happy heart. Open shelves gives me feeling as if I am shopping.


If a room doesn’t have a luxurious décor or seems to be falling apart with no focal point, open shelves can pull everything together.  It can give a new definition to an irky place, ask a sad abode to say cheeeese and fill your eyes will kilos of cheerfulness.  
If you are running against clock and want to get things done speedily, open shelves are definitely something you should mull over. I wouldn’t want to open a counter every second to pull things out in phases. When everything is accessible easily, I can celebrate the finale of house chores in shortest possible time.
I have got wings and you? Do drop a line, I’ll wait. Till then,

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