Saturday, 21 December 2013

Festive Table Decoration Ideas:

I love festive dinner parties; they glare the entire home with the mere look of decorative settings, hustle of guests approaching, clinking-clanking of crockery, and the notion of eating together. But, things that happen before this reunion is even more exciting; as, you get to pick a theme, choose the right colors, think of adornments that’ll sit on table, and prepare food that’s yummilicious. Meal planning is another story, today we are all focused on decorating dinner table.

Table mats, runners, candles, and flower-filled vases together can make any dinner oh-so-lavish. If the table is not big enough for all these, then you might decide on a statement piece that’ll pep up the chic-look. What you can use:
Candles are so style-flattering and can enliven the dinner party within minutes. Candles confined in cupcake wrappers and placed on cake plate are absolute knockout. Aren’t they super cute? I’m sure, they can make any evening special. For many years, It never crossed my mind that sparkling candles are in itself so awing that even if rest of the decoration isn’t up to the mark, it won’t show.
If you don’t have a cake plate or are short on cupcake wrappers then you might want to use your wine glasses for staging candles. Leaves, stuck under glass, add color to the canvas. If nothing else, use a bead-filled glass to spice up the view of candles.
Table Runners:
There’s no-way around a table runner. Seriously! Once you pick a theme, a table runner can vote for it big time. Whenever I’m invited as a guest, I keep gazing at the table before the dinner is served and for me the runner becomes the topic of the conversation. They are so festive and so fun. 
I, long time back, watched a video that customized a table runner using stencil painting. Take a piece of cloth, cut out a stencil on cardboard or a tracing paper and spray paint it keeping the stencil over the cloth. Voila! It’s as simple as that.
There are thousands of ways in which you can wrap, style, or plate up napkins.  It could either sit in the center, waiting for its user to pick up before having food. In that case, cutlery can sit on the table around the stacked plates.
You can also tuck napkins under plates or tie them in a ribbon made bow, it would surely look awesome.
People prefer to set tables differently; but, if you are looking for some basic understanding as in what order spoons, fork, knifes, and other utensils should go, then this picture might help you. Of course, you can play around with the order and tweak the arrangement to make things more accessible or according to your likings.
Next time you throw a party, it should be festive. Till Then,
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