Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week Planning Checklist:

Hello Sweet M&Ms,
It’s weekend! I love, adore and impatiently wait for weekends as there’s so much that needs to get done for a fresh start and a lovely, productive, and energized Monday. Before I was aware of wonders that getting organized could do, I always thought Mondays are unlucky for me! Have you ever thought that too? Being not prepared in advance, my Mondays usually left me panicked, stressed, and to be honest frustrated. So, as the sun of Sunday used to set, so did my heart!
But, no more! Now, as I mentioned in my post about tips for spending a productive week, I always make a checklist before the start of every week to stay on track for the entire week. And trust me, when I find my clothes hanged, and everything at proper place, I can’t help but smile and my Monday’s mornings are now super fantastic. What helps me do that? My oldie loyal friend: my week planning checklist.
                                                     Click here to download checklist
So, what’s so special about it? Everything!
1)    Starting from the top, winter fresh color scheme is such an eye candy. And, quotes are so motivating. What’s so particular about those quotes? They keep me going and make me believe that consistency and right attitude are keys to success. I might not be a super heroine or an extra brilliant; but, simply by not quitting and pushing myself to the best I can achieve just about any goal. I love quotations, and have got a collection of over 5000 quotes. Hands down to me! Hahaha!

2)    Flowery pattern labels, oooohh I love them. When I found them on Google, my soul came out of me and went back inside with gusto. They make my list look gorgeous. Just a print out and you’ll find these flowers rocking.

3)    Look at the entire week. I can’t stress that enough. Unless, I know what challenges I’ll be up against during week, how can I be prepared? When one paper gives me glimpse at important appointments, birthdays, tasks, deadlines and events, I don’t run like a mad bull.

4)    Call Section: Now, this is my secret to ensure I don’t let the social bug inside me die of corporate infection. Just kidding! My job is very demanding and often late sittings and working weekends leave me little space to catch up with my friends. I have a complete list of contacts categorized as family, friends, colleagues etc. Every week, I pick 4 to 5 people that I want to say hello. It ensures I don’t get swayed away too much from my loved ones.

5)    Completely Editable: This checklist is completely editable and you can play with it as you want to.
I hope, you’ll find this helpful. My sister is getting married in coming January. And, as it is going to be the first wedding ceremony in our family, I am super excited. I’ll try to keep you posted about all the preparations. I may cover the event exclusively for you, you never know! Winking!
 From now on, I’ll try to keep you posted more about my family life. Do let me know about your response as I’ll be touchily waiting.

Have a nice weekend and,

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