Monday, 18 November 2013

From Bore to Adore: Stencil Wall Painting

Are you bored? Old looking, one-colored, walls are not interesting – especially when on a lazy day, while sitting on a couch, you randomly gaze on your home’s walls and they are unable to catch your attention for more than few minutes.
Why not take advantage of these bored, lazy days? It’s time for decorating walls and adding some personality to rooms with stencil painting. What? Why not wall stickers? I wouldn’t want that seriously – given it would merely mask the walls with plastic sheets and it’s not fun at all, not for me at least.
It’s funny that I adore white furniture and still fall for the warmth that each color introduces to the room. Stencil painting is a harmonious marriage of my both the dreams, heavenly! Colors have such a romantic way of telling you life’s fun.

Since childhood, I always had a bad time drawing something. My cows usually end up looking doggies and pigeons looked more like a twisted candy bar. Whenever, I used to show my “art” to my teacher, she was always astonished at my skills to deform, otherwise beautiful, animals and birds. However, I love making patterns and get so excited to twitch and tweak things to define corners in a new way.
Painting with Stencil is easy (you can download read-to-use stencils that are available online for free). However, if you are looking for customization and want to exhibit your favorite flowery pattern on the wall, you need MS Excel, tracing paper, and your favorite image to make your very own stencil. Using Excel, paste your image (a repetitive pattern is easier to paint), take a print out and trace it using the tracing paper. Cut out the stencil and you are ready to rock.

Ah, Colors. Beautiful colors! Imagine your walls are spring green and you find bedding matching to the wall color, what would be the level of your happiness? It would make my heart pound, dance, jump and go crazy.
Sometimes stencil painting isn’t a pattern repeated on the entire wall or a large flower as the focus of the space; occasionally, it is small art gazing at you and making you smile with its notorious looks.  
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