Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fabric Baskets:

Dear friends,
You must be thinking, after notoriously long break, that I may have decided to discontinue writing. Aha! Well, absolutely not! Look at the right most area of the page. Yes, you found it right. I am responsible for budgeting and reporting during day time; and, as our company’s budget is going to be presented to board of directors in the first week of December – I am near to losing my sanity. From number crunching to figures munching in excel, I literally found no time to relax let alone finding time for writing a decent blog post.
But, I am overwhelmed by the sheer loveliness of what I have to tell you today. Every Sunday, I show my closet little love to make it ready for the entire week ahead. Trust me, the closet hugs me back and makes me smile for next six days. Today, when I looked at my closet closely I found the bottom of the closet needed solid compartmentalization for my scarfs. Sadly, I couldn’t take before picture or else you would have noticed scarfs were loosely put in shopping bags. Potential for the bottom to get messier quickly was huge. I have to up-do the entire set up multiple times to keep things in order. Today, I said to myself. No more!
Not having proper time, I needed nippy solution. Inspiration came from this post and I was ready with all my tools to transform an ordinary box into a heavenly place for all my scarfs. Disclaimer: I don’t how to sew and can only use needle enough to put things together so all this hard work was the result of using stationery (yes, I used paper clips) and needle.
I started working with this carton that seemed ready-made solution to my scarf-y needs. Things that I used for this mini-project are:
·         Carton
·         Self-printed fabric
·         Paper clips & a needle
·         Lace
·         Greeting Cards of your choice

I wrapped the fabric around the carton. I had little difficulty wrapping it near the corners as I didn’t cut fabric into piece (it was just one big cloth cut for the size of the carton).

As I told you before, I can’t sew and I didn’t have hot glue I had to find something else to keep the fabric intact to the carton. I used paper clips as you can see. Also, I used the front cover of a greeting card to embellish it further. I realized that paper clips are looking offbeat and the basket needed something else to look cuter.
I took a piece of lace and covered the front side with it.
 So, now when everything seemed to be working together, it was the time to dance. Are you ready for the prestige, the final show and the big reveal? Ta da!

It could have been lot better had I not been time constrained. I could have shopped a better, thicker and colorful fabric instead of reusing a white colorless stuff. Also, hot glue would have made it dependable. But at least, it’s helping me use the bottom part of my closet more effectively. So, here are before and after.   
Do share your thoughts and if you have done such a super quick and super cheap project at home that has highlighted the creative side of you. Till then,


  1. This is one of your best post! :)

  2. I hope my coming post will make you say this again and again. Thanks Hina :)


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