Thursday, 14 November 2013

Travelling Checklist:

Checklists are amazing to avoid surprises and regrets that come with lack of planning. Nobody wants these two notorious words to be attached to a sensational experience of travelling. And, with all honesty, mere planning of a trip excites me so much that I can’t help but turning to my travelling checklist to start day dreaming about the goodness.

Picking out clothes, folding them together as one outfit and stacking them nicely in my cute little suitcase is no less than a cookie treat for me. I looooove to travel; and, I love to pack! Today, I am going to share with you my checklist that has proven to be really handy. Ticking off things is sensational and I have hardly ever forgotten to pack a thing. It’s free to download, you can print it out (if you like a paper-based list, like me) or you can fill it using MS Excel.

It’s practical, fun, colorful and divided into categories. Of course, I had to customize it a bit to make it suit to a larger majority. For example, I don’t have kids. But for people with kiddos, I’m sure you’ll want a designated section for them. Won’t you?
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