Saturday, 19 October 2013

Room By Room Organizing With Pegboards:

It wasn’t a long ago when I absolutely fell in love with nicely painted pegboards to organize just about everything. Now, garage is not the only place where you’ll find this amazing organizing tool doing wonders. Reason why I fell in love with pegboards was their ability to make organizing easy and visually pleasing. Just imagine, before pegboards, our garage used to look a sheer mess. This post is a celebration of pegboards’ existence and a way to organize every room using them.
Cooking gears are hard to handle. When I’m cooking, I like to find everything quickly. Pegboards are like hangers for me. Just as I can see my hanged clothes better; hanged kitchen tools are easier to find. And, looking at them is no less than a cookie treat for me.
Okay, now if you are crafty, you know how quickly those laces and ribbons get tangled. And those beads start rolling under the furniture secretly. Using pegboards in craft room is a guaranteed way to give yourself a huge favor.
I’m still single; but, when I was a kid I knew an organized station used to make me so productive. Pegboard is ideal not just for holding stationery cans but also the art work. With little efforts, it can be turned into a display board, stationery organizer, calendar, and a bulletin board.
Sometimes, when bedroom is small, finding storage space around the bed is little difficult. Why not use behind the bed space to store small items. It’s like a headboard with loads of storage space and everything will stay within reach.
I have always found it hard to organize necklaces in a scrambled free manner. Little hooks attached to pegboards let you organize necklaces, smaller tops, sun glasses and other accessory items with style. Other earrings organizing ideas can be found here.
Good three four years back, I watched Alejandra’s home office video and it was absolutely stunning. The way she used the combination of kebab sticks, hooks and a colored pegboard was simply amazing. Since then, I have adored using pegboard to keep my little home office desk organized. There’s so much you can do with it.
Can you think of organizing garage without pegboard? At least I can’t. With so many tools, heavy gears, and small screws garage becomes a challenging place to keep organized.
Since last month, Me and my younger sister are doing laundry. I didn’t find washing difficult more than keeping cleaning bottles, iron stand, and other things in control. Finding right bottle of surf, soaps and starch in itself was a challenge. This idea of organizing laundry room with pegboard has definitely made me interested in giving it a go.
Did you find these ideas helpful? Have you used this wonderful tool anywhere in your house for organizing purposes? Share your ideas with us.
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