Friday, 18 October 2013

Let's Organize Living Room:

Living room is the happiest place in any home where individual members start sounding more like family. At my place, living room serves many functions – it’s an entertainment area, dining hall, reading corner, games’ zone, and a family space. With so much traffic, and of course, so many functions to serve, I knew my living room needed more than daily cleaning to stay organized. Here are some tips that help me big time in keeping it neat, orderly and fun. It’s our home’s happy space; and, I wanted its every corner to be cozy enough to make the family time relaxing, joyous and treasured. 
Okay, in order to make your living room practical and clutter free, you first need to understand the purposes this room gets used for. This helped me equipping it with right furniture and dividing it in distinctive zones. Clear demarcation of distinctive zones doesn’t require erecting up a cemented wall; rather, sometimes free standing storage shelves do the double duty. They nicely add to the room storage and, without looking visually odd, smoothly separate one zone from the other.
Why it’s important? It keeps all the items belonging to one type of function at one place. For example, you might be using your living room as your home office. You would definitely not like to search for necessary business receipts under the sofa, on the side table, and/ or worse mixed with magazines.

Functional zones provide peace of mind and in a smaller area give the feeling of larger spaces. You force yourself to leave one particular type of work at one place to start doing another type of work. At least it compels me to be disciplined to leave my laptop at office desk and have food on the dining table.
Entertainment center can either be the root cause of the mess or a focal point of the room. Try to buy such furniture that lets you keep wires out of sight. If you are able to make this heart of the room clean, the entire room will look sparkling.

In smaller homes, storage is always an issue; and, I always recommend using walls optimally to increase storage. Well, living room’s walls are the best to hold all my books and living room related particulars. Stuffing entertainment room with furniture just to increase few notches of storage, certainly, is not the real solution.
AHHH! Lost remote control frustrates me so much. Putting every remote control in a small basket is a big life saver for me. I am now developing a habit of putting remotes back in baskets when I am done watching TV. So, yeah I’m now 100% sure where to find this magical wand again.
ü  If your living room isn’t spacious enough for full size furniture, skip the conventions. Half sized furniture does just fine.

ü  For magazines, stick to the rule of throwing one magazine out before bringing new one in.

ü  After every gathering, spare five minutes to reset the living room.
How to do you keep your living room clutter free and yet relaxing and fun. I would love to hear your tips.
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