Wednesday, 11 September 2013

4 Quick Tips to Organize Pantry:

Cooking healthy food for your family or trying new inventive recipes is definitely fun. But this fun is often dulled by the mission of searching right ingredients out of a messy pantry. Neatly organized pantry is not functional but also eye-pleasing; thus the idea of cooking food no more remains a dreadful task. Here are four Quick Pantry Organizing Tips that can immediately restore the order of your pantry.

Create Zones:
Creating Zones is one of the most powerful techniques to get organized. Storing similar items together make it easier to get back to them when needed. You don’t have to hard-core the partitioning to separate one zone from the other. Rather, baskets can be used to store like with like.

Baskets are a great way to create zones.


Containerizing Pantry items bring symmetry to your kitchen and proper storage with lids increases the food shelf life. You may use either of glass or plastic containers depending on your preference. Where plastic containers are sturdies, glass containers look pretty and are easy to clean.

Label, Label, Label:
Labeling Containers, baskets and other items make them easier to find. You don’t have to turn whole pantry upside down to find the spice you are looking for.

Utilize Space Efficiently:
You might have often complained about your small pantry but the truth is you have space much more than you need. It’s only need to be used creatively. For example, some spaces in pantry are hard to reach and there installing lazy Susan doubles up the spaces with the added convenience of reaching any item without any hassle.

Installing Elfa Shelving also enables making use of otherwise wasted space.

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