Monday, 23 September 2013

5 Smart Ways to Organize Recipes

If you don’t have a designated space or a well-thought system to organize recipes, they are bound to end up everywhere – handwritten index cards, notebook papers, torn out magazines papers, and computers etc. With no category assigned, you’ll often find it hard to get back to the recipe which you wanted to try this week. Even if you are not a clean freak, following five ways can help you organize your recipes in orderly fashion.

Special recipe storage boxes:

If you love clipping your favorite recipes out of cooking magazines, special recipe storage boxes are highly recommended. These boxes nicely store magazine clipping and handwritten recipes at one place. You can have multiple boxes having labeled “favorite recipes”, “try some-day”, “desserts” etc.

Plastic Containers:

Many people love to write down recipes, on index cards, that they want to try in their own hand writings. Keeping these index cards organized is no more a hassle with plastic containers. Assign every glass container a category and store relevant index cards in those jars; your recipes are nicely contained and ready to use.
Recipe Folders:

Organizing recipes with recipe folders is so much fun and colorful. You can decorate these folders with colorful chart papers to add more personality and style.

Recipe Binders:

Recipe Binders are by the far the sturdiest method to store paper-based recipes. Recipes written on index card are carefully placed in plastic sleeves that increase the life of index cards. Dividers can be used to sort recipes.


A free version of Evernote is enough to go paperless and it also helps in automatic synchronization of your recipes between your website and different gadgets that you use.
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