Friday, 16 May 2014

Home Organizing: 5 Kitchen Organizng Hacks

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As you know, I have recently set off on a home organizing journey with you all, starting from the kitchen. Read the earlier post, How to organize a refrigerator. Today’s post is about hacking some helpful secrets to organize our kitchen shrewdly. 

If you don’t bake frequently, chances are that your supplies fall into the depths of your cabinets only to be recovered after an hour long hassle of putting all the things out and then back in. Baking is fun and joy should never get ruined because of lost items. Use magazine rack as a storage hack to nicely organize all your foils and wraps.

I say it frequently, space is precious. Using towel rods and dry racks, create a functional nook for onions, fruits, and hard to organize pans & pots. 

Inside of a cabinet is space that is often overlooked. It can be utilized for additional storage, greater functionality, and ease of access for daily use items. Once again, look forward to the stationery section to grab yet another kind of magazine rack. If you are unable to find such a rack, you can easily make one for yourself at home. And, it will surely offer your more customization than a standard one.
You can also make your cabinet a home for all the measuring spoons. 
I love, absolutely love pegboards for their potential of organizing just about any space conveniently. For more ideas to organize your home with pegboards, check this out. 

Trust me it’s really hard to tame these lids. The more containers you have the more you have to bear the clutter of lids wandering aimlessly. Use CDs wire organizer to store all the lids with style.

Another hack that might not be related to organizing, but is definitely my favorite.

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